Providing & Protecting Your Business Information:

Providing access to your data in a timely and efficient manner to your end users is a given in today's fast paced & demanding business environment. Protecting this data from a Disaster Recovery situation is often not given as high priority,

"we're doing something about that tomorrow" OR "in the next budget".

Many businesses do not even know how long their systems would be down should an unforeseen situation arise where their System's Server are out of action. We outline below some backup strategies a business can implement.

Data Protection / Disaster Recovery Planning - Basic:

  1. Backup Device - Disk, Tape Drive - DAT, DLT, SDLT, LTO1, LTO2.

  2. Backup Software - Veritas BackupExec Solutions.

  3. Backup Strategy - How Far back do you wish to go to restore archived data? = Number of Tapes required.

  4. Off Site Storage of Backup Media.

  5. Backup Solution Monitored/Audited regularly.

  6. Disaster Recovery Testing.

Ideally your Tape/Storage Device Capacity should exceed the capacity of your Server. An Automated Storage Library system would otherwise have to be considered as these can be loaded with multiple tapes to cover large system backups.

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