SOS Computer Solutions:

Bringing professional IT services to our customers since 1982 with a dedicated team of IT professionals.

“IT” For Small and Medium size Enterprises (SME’s):

It is paramount that SME’s get the right advice and support from external sources.

SOS Computer Solutions are resourced and skilled in supporting business principals make the right decisions in this complex IT area. Our expertise is in matching IT support systems to the business needs of each organisation. The success of any IT implementation can be measured against pre-defined objectives. We will always Endeavour to assist our customers decrease costs, avoid costs and increase efficiencies.

How can SOS help?

  • Analysis of existing IT infrastructure against industry best practice.
  • Optimise existing IT system.
  • Develop an IT plan that matches our customers requirements.
  • Implement the plan and provide operational support.
  • Consistently advise on cost and productivity efficiencies in relation to I.T infrastructure.
  • Provide emergency response on all aspects of IT infrastructure.